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Shine Mate Flexible Shaft Detail Polishing Tool Kit

Shine Mate Flexible Shaft Detail Polishing Tool Kit

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Flexible shaft polishing tool kit, with multiple accessories, designed for automotive detail polishing.

  • Can be used in areas like car headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, door handles, emblems, scratch glass surfaces, interior console panels or small areas
  • Specifically designed for polishing small areas, gently remove grease, grime, and environmental fallout from recessed areas of your vehicles
  • A variety of mini-custom accessories that allow you to work a variety of different polishing surfaces
  • Flexible with lock, easy to change pads.
  • Applicable to mount on rotary polisher e.g. EP802
    (Rotary Polisher is not included in the kit)

Model: MPK-3
Length:1 Meter
Pad Shank: 3mm
Max. Pad Size: 27mm
Max. Speed: 4000/min
To work with: Rotary Polishers
Accessories: Foam Pads, Wool Pads, Cones

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