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20ml Auto Advanced Leather Repair Cream Repair White

20ml Auto Advanced Leather Repair Cream Repair White

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20ml Auto Advanced Leather Repair Cream Repair Filler Sofa Car Seat Leather Complementary Repair Refurbishing Car Polishing Kit.

Features: 1. Liquid leather repair agent allows you to refurbish leather and vinyl easily at home!

2. It can permanently repair cracks, scratches, bruises, tears and cuts on leather and vinyl surfaces.

3. It will restore your sofa and broken car seat to their original state

4. With it, you can enjoy professional-quality repair by yourself, without having to spend money to go to an expensive repair shop!

Our buying advice: 1PCS = alteration, repairing minor wear on a small area 4PCS recommended = armchairs, car seats, repair several medium-sized areas damaged 10PCS=When the sofa or the whole car interior is quite damaged.


Product Name: Leather Repair Agent.

Product size: 10*2cm Product use: leather repair Packing list: repair agent*1 Package Included: 1*20ml Leather Repair Gel

Instructions: 1. Clean and degrease the surface to be repaired 2. Use a spatula to coat the liquid leather and spread it evenly 3. Wait for the surface to dry or use a hair dryer 4. The repair is complete!

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