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Alpha Gold Series Jobber Drill Imperial 1/16"

Alpha Gold Series Jobber Drill Imperial 1/16"

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Alpha Gold Series 1/16" Jobber Drill Bit

When you go to buy a drill bit, what are you needing? Just a drill? or do you actually want HOLES?

Rigorous independent testing has proven that the Gold Series Drills outperform other Australian drills on the market by more than 30% - giving you more holes for your dollar in every single drill bit!

The Alpha Carded Gold series Drills boast the highest quality M2 HSS jobber drill!


• M2 HSS Fully ground M2 HSS material increases drill life

• Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat and increases lubricity for extended life

• 135º Split Point cuts faster and reduces wandering

Alpha Gold Series Drills are packaged in a reusable plastic hang pack, keeping your drills safe, clean and dry.

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